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London, UK (Glassworks)

November 23, 2021


James McVinnie Ensemble

Tue 23 Nov 2021, 19:30, Barbican Hall

More info and tickets here

Join us in the Hall or online for an evening of entrancing minimalism and unorthodox sounds from Philip Glass and Chris P. Thompson, including the work that brought Glass to the mainstream Glassworks.

Listening to anything by Philip Glass is a mesmeric experience – subtly shifting patterns and a driving sense of perpetual motion create an effect that can most closely be described as musical hypnotism. And Glass finds a kindred spirit in Chris P. Thompson, whose experiments with mathematically perfect ‘just’ intonation have created a sound both familiar and yet distinctly ‘otherly’ – a sound that will leave you listening in a completely different way.

And there are none more suited to open our ears than the James McVinnie Ensemble. A boundary-pushing collective of virtuoso musicians, their mission is to bring us new music both weird and wonderful.


November 23, 2021