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Rome, Italy (Einstein on the Beach)

November 20

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This concert version of Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass is a collaboration between Suzanne Vega, Ictus Ensemble, Collegium Vocale Gent and the visual artist Germaine Kruip. It presents a sheer musical approach to the full score of the legendary Glass/Wilson opera where the virtuosic instrumental, singing parts and crystalline structure of the piece are enhanced by a site-specific approach and a sophisticated sound design.

The focus of this production is the musical score itself and the musical sound of the libretto. We opt for a long-stretched performance (very close to the full score composed for the actual opera). In this way we want to create a minimalistic sound-bath of more than 3 hours length that reconnects to the freshness and radicality of early minimalism. The door of the concert hall will be kept open throughout the performance (the audience is free to wander in and out), the gap between stage and audience blurred thanks to Germaine Kruip’s visual intervention to be viewed as a contemporary art installation.

It is the music making itself that will be exposed. The physical and mental challenge of making 200 minutes of music. We will show musicians at work. In a shared time and space with the audience, structured by the music, they will perform different parts from different positions on stage, share the audience view when not playing, surround them or play frontal, thus transforming the concert hall in a visual and auditive surrounding environment.


  • Thu 17.11 Einstein on the Beach Opéra – Rouen – France
  • Sun 20.11 Einstein on the Beach Romaeuropa Festival – Roma – Italy
  • Tue 22.11 Einstein on the Beach  Auditorio Nacional de Música – Madrid – Spain
  • Sat 26.11 Einstein on the Beach Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Lisboa – Portugal
  • Sun 27.11 Einstein on the Beach Elbphilharmonie – Hamburg – Germany
  • Wed 30.11 Einstein on the Beach Ars Musica @ Bozar – Brussels – Belgium


    November 20