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Stockholm, Sweden (String Quartet No.2 “Company”)

January 29

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    American composer Philip Glass studied under the legendary Nadia Boulanger in Paris. During those years, he developed the minimalist style that became his defining characteristic and which has made him one of the most popular modern composers of our era.

    In Paris, he collaborated with the theatre company Mabou Mines and composed music for many of their shows, including a staged rendition of Samuel Beckett’s novella Company. The four movements are closely connected, while also spanning a broad range of feelings, such as melancholy, insolence, a sense of something idyllic and eager anticipation. Beckett liked the music very much.

    Like Philipp Glass, Jennifer Higdon lives in New York. In her Sky Quartet, she paints a musical vision of the “exquisite canvas of blue and clouds” she observed west of the Mississippi. Amazing Grace is her bold, lovely version of the familiar melody.

    The music

    Approximate times

  • Jennifer Higdon Sky Quartet for string quartet
    24 min

  • Philip Glass String Quartet No. 2 “Company”
    8 min

  • Jennifer Higdon Amazing Grace for string quartet
    5 min

  • Participants

  • Anna Stefánsson violin
  • Seohee Min violin
  • Nadine Jurdzinski viola
  • Hanna Dahlkvist cello