Music from Dunvagen
Promo CD
Music by Philip Glass


Dunvagen Music Publishers


1-6. Compassion in Exile
7-8. Passages
9. Closing
10. Façades
11-12. Phaedra
13-15. Company
16. Mindwalk
17-25. In the Summer House
26-32. 12 Pieces for a Ballet
33-35. Love Divided By
36-39. In the Upper Room
40-41. TSE
42-44. Thin Blue Line
45. CIVIL warS – Köln
46-50. A Brief History of Time
51. Dressed Like an Egg
52. Floe 87


Music from Dunvagen is a promotional CD issued by Dunvagen Music with a collection of excerpts from recordings of Philip Glass compositions that have not been available before. Dunvagen Music Publishers are making these recordings and other similar works from their library available for licensing to choreographers, filmmakers, theatrical producers and other artists. These excerpts are small samplings of the larger available works.


The original CD was produced and compiled by Don Christiansen from existing recordings that were produced by Kurt Munkacsi and conducted by Michael Riesman. Executive producer: Jim Keller. All music composed by Philip Glass. Published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc. © 1995. Produced by Kurt Munkacsi for Euphorbia, Ltd.