New Music, New York 1979
From the Kitchen Archives


Orange Mountain Music 0015


1. Philip Glass Dance No. 4 (1979) 11:53
2. Meredith Monk Do You Be (1970) 03:28
3. Jon Gibson Criss Cross (Section 3) (1979) 07:39
4. Garrett List Where We Are (1974/1979) 08:38
5. Gordon Mumma Schoolwork (1970) 08:58
6. George Lewis The Kim and I (1979) 05:38
7. Michael Nyman Five Orchestral Pieces for Opus Tree (1979) 03:09
8. Pauline Oliveros The Tuning Meditation (1971) 08:29

1. Tom Johnson Secret Songs: Wolo Yolo (1976) 01:43
2. Tom Johnson Secret Songs: Dwa (1976) 02:08
3. Tom Johnson Secret Songs: Paka Laka (1976) 02:01
4. Charlie Morrow Dream Song/Vision Chant (1977) 05:56
5. Barbara Benary Exchanges (1971) 07:59
6. Phill Niblock Four Arthurs (1978) superimposed with Two Octaves and a Fifth (1975 ) 07:04
7. David Behrman Touch Tones (1979)/td> 08:50
8. Joel Chadabe Solo (1978) 07:27
9. Tony Conrad Untitled Pieces 07:54
10. Charlemagne Palestine Untitled for Solo Voice (1979) 05:52
11. Steve Reich Drumming, Part One (1971) Drumming, Part One (1971) 14:05


Founded in 1971 by video artists Woody and Steina Vasulka, The Kitchen is internationally known as a leading center for video, music dance performance, new media and literature. The first institution to focus exclusively on cutting-edge, multidisciplinary works, it has been a powerful force in shaping the cultural landscape of this country. Over the last thirty years The Kitchen has documented every one of its performances with video and/or audiotape. However, in recent years much of this documentation, primarily recorded on what are now obsolete formats, began deteriorating.

In 1999, under the leadership of Executive Director Elise Bernhardt, and with the dedication of The Kitchen’s Board of Directors and the help of numerous donors, The Kitchen began an initiative to catalog and re-master its extensive collection of 3600 videotapes. In the fall of 2001, an additional trove of audio recordings from the 1970s was discovered. While these tapes promised rare and exciting music by such artists as John Cage, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and David Tudor (in the first box alone!), none of this material could be accessed without proper cleaning and re-formatting and the funds and facilities to do so. A recent collaborative partnership with The Looking Glass Studios and Philip Glass’ label, Orange Mountain Music, has allowed for the restoration of a number of audio reels. This work has been done with the goal of producing a series of CDs, From The Kitchen Archives, with New Music, New York 1979 as the first release.

This 2-disc set offers re-mastered recordings from the landmark New Music, New York: A Festival of Composers and their Music, held at the Kitchen’s 484 Broome Street space in SoHo from June 8-16, 1979. The festival, which set a standard for new and contemporary music, paved the way for New Music America, the annual event that emerged the following year in Minneapolis and ran in various cities until 1990. Now 25 years later, these recordings are an invaluable time-capsule, a privileged view/listen into a historic event, initially heard by only a few hundred people. Beyond their historic value they offer brilliant and exciting music by composers now considered masters of the genre, as well as remarkable performances by figures nearly forgotten. While many recordings from the festival could be restored, several gaps remain: concerts that were either not recorded or whose tapes vanished into the ether of the last 25 years. That said, we feel extremely fortunate to be able to release New Music, New York 1979 as our first CD in a series that promises to make available more lost treasures from The Kitchen Archives, uncovering the origins of new music today.

— Stephen Vitiello, Archivist
The Kitchen, 2004

New Music, New York 1979 is released as part of New Sound, New York 2004 a citywide festival of performances, installations and public dialogs. New Sound, New York celebrates the 25th Anniversary of New Music New York and features new works by contemporary sound artists who are exploring fresh connections among music, architecture and the visual arts. Running March 30-May 16, 2004, the festival is organized by The Kitchen and The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture o-The Cooper Union, in conjunction with eleven other arts organizations, and presented by Time Out New York.


Produced by Stephen Vitiello and don Christensen.
Kitchen credits: Elise Bernhardt Executive Director. Isabelle Deconinck, Marketing and Press Director. Christopher Mclntyre, Associate Music Curator. Stephen Vitiello, Archivist. Sacha Yanow, Director of Operations.

Legal services provided by Thomas M. Rowland from Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson LLP.
Partial funding for this project has been provided by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and a grant from the Recording Academy.

Thank you: Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi, Kerry Scheidt, Meg Fagan, Howard Stokar, John King, Art Shifrin, Christina Yang, Leesa and Nicole Abahuni, Robin Rimbaud, Robert Worby, Alii Buhagiar, Jonathan Nye, Carlota Schoolman, Mary Griffin, Rhys Chatham, all of the composers and performers who have participated in the making of this CD and the original festival, The Kitchen’s Staff (2004 and 1979), The Kitchen’s Board of Directors.

The Looking Glass credits: Mastered at the Looking Glass Studios.

Hector Castillo, Mastering engineer. Ichiho Nishihki, Transfer Engineer. Christian Rutledge, Assistant. Jon Stanka, Intern. Kara Bilof, Project coordinator.

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Dance Nos. 1-5

Dance Nos. 1-5 on Sony Masterworks