Music by Arvö Pärt / Peter Maxwell Davies / Philip Glass
Christopher Bowers-Broadbent


ECM New Series 849 655-2


1. Arvo Pärt – Trivium 7:06
2. Arvo Pärt – Mein Weg hat Gipfel und Wellentaler 9:07
3. Arvo Pärt – Annum per annum 8:04
4. Arvo Pärt – Pari intervallo 5:45
5. Peter Maxwell Davies – Psalm 124 3:08
6. Peter Maxwell Davies – O God Abufe 1:32
7. Philip Glass – Satyagraha Act III, Conclusion 7:57
8. Philip Glass – Dance IV 15:30


This is a performance about time and space, inspired by my excitement at the discovery of this music.

I was introduced to Pärt’s music by an early music producer at the BBC (the U.K.’s most adventurous organization). The early music connection is the most obvious, but only the tip of the iceberg. Classical, romantic, serial, avant-garde, it’s all there if you want to analyze it, but for me it is Part’s power over time and space that matters, as well as his humanity, the care he feels for his performers and the gentle control he exercises over the performance. In Part’s world there is rooms to hear sounds freshly. Within a similar world, Maxwell Davies’ pieces are a contrast. 16th century psalm-tunes are set in strange tonal harmonies against off-beat obligatos that splinter in all directions, almost galactic.

It was the illusion of suspended time that drew me to Glass’s music (since I had brought up on European harmonic progression). I remember in the 70’s hearing the sound of a large organ from a radio in a distant room, but it was at least five years before I could identify what I had heard. Time within space: the larger galaxy made up of a lot of little stars.

— Chris Bowers-Broadbent


Organ: Christopher Bowers-Broadbent. Satyagraha Act III, conclusion: Transcribed and edited by Michael Riesman. Recorded in Grossmunster, Zurich, October 1990. Engineer: Peter Laenger. Producer: Manfred Eicher.



Dance Nos. 1-5

Satyagraha on Sony Masterworks
Dance Nos. 1-5 on Sony Masterworks