Book of Longing
A Song Cycle based on the Poetry and Artwork of Leonard Cohen

Music by Philip Glass
Philip Glass/Leonard Cohen


1. Prologue – I Can’t Make The Hills 3:09
2. I Came Down from the Mountain 2:58
3. A Sip of Wine 8:41
4. Want to Fly 2:09
5. The Light Came Through the Window 4:10
6. Puppet Time 2:38
7. G-d Opened My Eyes 2:35
8. You Go Your Way 0:07
9. I Was Doing Something 4:19
10. Not a Jew 3:02
11. How Much I Love You 3:52
12. Babylon 5:46
13. I Enjoyed the Laughter 1:49

1. This Morning I Woke Up Again 5:15
2. I Want To Love You Now 5:57
3. Don’t Have The Proof 2:44
4. The Night of Santiago 5:09
5. Mother Mother 3:44
6. You Came to Me 10:27
7. I Am Now Able 3:20
8. Roshi’s Very Tired 2:38
9. Epilogue – Merely A Prayer 3:55


Orange Mountain Music OMM0043


Leonard and I first began talking about a poetry and music collaboration more than six years ago. We met at that time in Los Angeles, and he had with him a manuscript that became the basis of the collection of poetry now published as the Book of Longing. In the course of an afternoon that stretched into the evening, he read virtually the whole book to me. I found the work intensely beautiful, personal, and inspiring. On the spot, I proposed an evening-length work of poetry, music, and image based on this work. Leonard liked my idea, and we agreed to begin. Now, six years later, our stars are in alignment, the book is published, and I have composed the music.

For me, this work is both a departure from past work and a fulfillment of an artistic dream.

-Philip Glass


Philip Glass and Musicians
Michael Riesman, Music Director and Conductor

Leonard Cohen, spoken text
Dominique Plaisant, soprano
Tara Hugo, mezzo-soprano
Will Erat, tenor
Daniel Keeling, bass-baritone

Tim Fain, violin
Philip Glass, keyboard
Megan Marolf, oboe, english horn
Eleonore Oppenheim, double bass
Michael Riesman, conductor, keyboard
Mick Rossi, keyboard, percussion
Kate St. John, oboe, english horn
Andrew Sterman, flute, piccolo, saxophones, bass clarinet
Wendy Sutter, cello