Glassworks – Live at (le) Poisson Rouge
Signal Ensemble with Michael Riesman Conducted by Brad Lubman


Orange Mountain Music OMM0073


1. Opening 6:31
2. Floe 6:22
3. Islands 8:44
4. Rubric 6:24
5. Facades 7:30
6. Closing 6:21
7. Music in Similar Motion 22.44


As Philip Glass states: “Glassworks was my debut record on an major record label. This music was written for the recording studio, though a number of the pieces soon found their way into the Philip Glass Ensemble repertory. A six-“movement” work, Glassworks was intended to introduce my music to a more general audience than had been familiar with it up to then.”

Thirty years later, Glassworks had never been performed live in its entirety in New York City until the fast-riding new music ensemble Signal asked Philip Glass Ensemble music director Michael Riesman to arrange the classic album for live performance. The concert took place at New York’s hottest new music venue (le) Poisson Rouge with Riesman and Signal on April 12, 2010 with Brad Lubman conducting. This recording features a new recording of the entire score, also paired with Signal’s riveting performance of Glass’ early score “Music in Similar Motion.” — Richard Guerin


Brad Lubman, Conductor

Michael Riesman, Piano/ Keyboard


Kelli Kathman Glassworks (Fl.1); Similar Motion (Fl.1)

Jessica Schmitz – Glassworks (Fl.2); Similar Motion (Fl.2/picc)

Ken Thomson – Glassworks (ssax1+cl); Similar Motion (Bscl)

Bill Kalinkos – Glassworks (ssax+cl); Similar Motion (ssax+cl)

David Crowell – Glassworks (Tenor 1); Similar Motion (Tenor 1)

Josh Rutner – Glassworks (Tenor 2 + Bscl); Similar Motion (ssax2)

Caleb Burhans – Viola

Lauren Radnofsky – Cello (co-Artistic Director)

Matt Marks – French Horn 1

Nathan Koci – French Horn 2


Recorded live at (le) Poisson Rouge April 11, 2010 by Michael Riesman and Dan Bora

Edited and Mastered by Michael Riesman

Mixed by Hector Castillo at Downtown Music Studios, New York

Produced by Don Christensen, Michael Riesman, and Richard Guerin

Executive Producers: Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi, and Don Christensen



Music in Similar Motion