Music by Philip Glass

2 fl, 2 sop sax (1 clarinet, optional), 2 tenor sax (1 bass clar.), 2 french horns, violas, cellos, piano / synthesizer

Music composed for the Glassworks recording. Each movement can be performed separately.

  1. Opening: piano (solo)
  2. Floe: 2 fl, 2 sop, 2 ten, 2 hn, synthesizer.
  3. Islands: 2 fl, 2 sop, 1 ten, 1 bcl, 2 hn, va, vc, synthesizer.
  4. Rubric: 2 fl, 2 sop, 2 ten, 2 hn, synthesizer
  5. Façades: 2 sop, va, vc; synthesizer doubles va/vc and is optional, good idea if low string count
  6. Closing: 1 fl, 1 cl (can substitute sop), 1 bcl, 1 hn, va, vc, piano

Glassworks was my debut record on CBS. This music was written for the recording studio, though a number of the pieces soon found their way into the Ensemble repertory. A six-“movement” work, Glassworks was intended to introduce my music to a more general audience than had been familiar with it up to then.

— Philip Glass

Dunvagen Music Publishers

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