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Lyon, France (DANCE)

February 4

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Dance. The title of this masterpiece of choreography immediately shows just how high Lucinda Childs has set the bar for what she is seeking: dance stripped of all theatricality, reduced to its pure essentials. Like an abstract canvas, Dance celebrates the perpetual creation of forms through the movement of bodies.

Created in 1979, Dance strikes the perfect balance between dance, music and the visual arts. Accompanied by composer Philip Glass, whose melodic structures are the perfect partner for her pared-back choreography. Lucinda Childs has created a sweeping progression of graceful gestures that shift in minute variations: an uninterrupted progression of signs, drawing geometric motifs on the floor which then spread through the whole space. Then add artist Sol LeWitt into the equation, with a film projected onto a transparent screen, repeating the flow of gestures seen on stage. A dizzying visual and sensory experience. Danceshifts the public’s gaze to the very heart of the movement — like a map where the lines dream and fit together, where everything seems to slide around, to float in fluid territory, in a timeless way.

In the first part of the programme, dancer Noëllie Conjeaud will perform a solo conceived by Lucinda Childs as part of the Danser Encore (Keep Dancing) project. 

Danser Encore
In the spring of 2020, just when it could not have seemed more impossible, the Danser Encore programme was conceived as a huge comeback, with the promise to keep dancing, stubbornly, despite everything. Artists have been invited to write a solo for each of the 30 dancers of the Lyon Opera Ballet.
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