La Belle et la Bête
aka Beauty and the Beast


Jean Cocteau
Original opera by Philip Glass written for the film

Jean Marais, Josette Day, Mila Parély, Nane Germon, Michel Auclair, Raoul Marco, Marcel André, Noël Blin.

Once upon a time, inn a world of magic and wonder, the true loce of a beautiful girl finally dispelled the torment of a feral but gentle-hearted beast. Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête) is a landmark feat of cinemaic fantasy in which master filmmaker Jean Cocteau conjures spectacular visions of enchantment, desire, and death that have never been equaled. The Criterion Collection proudly presents the original film version of Mme. Leprince de Beaumont’s fairly-tale masterpiece in a newline special edition.

Directed by Jean Cocteau.
Produced by André Paulvé.
Original Music by Georges Auric and Philip Glass (1995 opera version).
Cinematography by Henri Alekan Film
Editing by Claude Ibéria