North Star: Mark di Suvero


Directed by François de Menil
Music by Philip Glass

North Star (1977), a film by Barbara Rose and François de Menil, documents the work of the American sculptor Mark di Suvero. The construction and installation of an exhibit of di Suvero’s work is the subject of the film. The music was commissioned by the film makers and follows the development of the exhibit work by work. Accordingly, the name of each of the music compositions is taken from the work of sculpture being viewed in the film. Mark di Suvero appears throughout and his presence adds a powerful biografical touch to the work.

— Philip Glass

Directed by François de Menil.
Conceived & Written by Barbara Rose.
Music Composed by Philip Glass.
Produced by François de Menil, Barbara Rose and Parrot Productions LTd.
Production Manager: Barbara-Ann Stein.
Production Assistants: Alain Berger, Helen Bransford.
Editorial Consultant: Ralph Rosenblum A.C.E.
Editing: Paul Justman, Lana Jokel.
Assistant Editing: Susan Braddon.
Music Recording: Kurt Munkacsi.
Sound: Gary Alper, Gilles Ortion, Michel Vionnet, Morning Pastorok.
Sound Mixing: Lee Dichter.
Sound Editing: Vincent Stenerson, David Cohn.
Assistant Sound Editing: Monique Alexandre.
Photography: François de Menil. Additional
Photography: Alan Metzger, Christian Blackwood. Assitant Cameramen: John Kraus, Bernard Auroux.
Titles & Opticals: EFX Unlimited Inc. Color by Movielab.
Stills: Gian-Franco Gorgoni.

(c) 1977 Parrot Productions Ltd.




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