Taiji: Chaotic Harmony


Directed by Sat Hon
Music by Philip Glass

Performers: Linda Mittel, Mirjana Dorzan, Manna Lu Wong, David Usui, Adriano Borgna, Laila Salins, Brad Wilson, Christian Jurak.
Group Performers: Diane Wolkstein, Linda Young, Paul Kan, Steve Guidi, Jim Hannamen, Luvaghn Brown, Mary Joan Waid, Gloria Wong, Joel Mofsenson.

Taiji: Chaotic Harmony is a visual shamanic journey tracing the origin of the taiji quan and qigong. This is a journey between the heaven and earth, we travel through the twilight zone of secular New York subways and streets, and through sacred river of the country.

This journey is accompanied by original music by Philip Glass.

Directed by Sat Chuen Hon.
Original Score by Philip Glasss.
Music Director: Michael Riesman.
Cellist: Wendy Sutter.
Vocalist: Lisa Bielawa.

Score Preparation: Nico Muhly.
Sound Engineer: Dan Bora.
Music Recorded at The Looking Glass Studios.

Produced by Rachel Grady.
Cinematography: Andrew Buckland and Johnny Fego.
Edited by Monika Bravo and Andrew Buckland.
Costume Design: Shuilin Chiu.
Mask Design: Singha Hon.
Bird Mask Design: Adam Brown.
Title Design: Monika Bravo.
Assistant Director: Mary Joan Waid.
Advisor to Sat Hon: Linda Young.
Text and Translation: Sat Hon.

Special Thanks To: Janet Hon, Paul Changm Adam Brown, Brad Wilson, Carole Corcoran, Steve Guidi, Dan Bora and Rob de Mar.

Running time: 25 min.

Taiji: Chaotic Harmony is a Production Funded by ATPS, Inc. Copyright by Sat Chuen Hon.




Chaotic Harmony