The Thin Blue Line


Directed by Errol Morris
Music by Philip Glass

Randall Adams, David Harris, Gus Rose, Jackie Johnson, Marshall Touchton, Dale Holt, Sam Kittrell, Hootie Nelson, Dennis Johnson, Floyd Jackson, Edith James, Dennis White, Don Metcalfe, Emily Miller, R.L. Miller, Elba Carr, Michael Randell, Melvyn Carson, Bruder, Adam Goldfine, Derek Horton, Ron Thornhill, Marianne Leone, Amanda Caprio, Michael Nicoll, Michael Cirilla, Phyllis Rodgers.

Dallas policeman Robert Wood’s routine inspection of a night driver became his last as the man behind the wheel shot him dead. 16-year old David Harris was arrested for the killing, but swore that a hitchhiker, Randall Adams, had committed the crime. Harris was released -Adams sentenced to death. Was Randall Adams a murdered -or an innocent scapegoat?

In the tradition of “The Executioner’s Song” and “In Cold Blood“, a chilling investigation and reconstruction of a brutal, cold-blooded murder. This real- life drama impartially sifts fact and fiction, blunty confronting the evidence. The results will take you to the boundaries of justice and beyond.

Written and Directed by Errol Morris.
Original Music composed by Philip Glass.
Cinematography by Robert Chappell, Stefan Czapsky.
Film Editing by Paul Barnes.
Production Design by Ted Bafaloukos.
Art Direction: Lester Cohen.
Production Management: Shelley Houis.