Tara Hugo Sings Philip Glass
Performed by Tara Hugo
Music Composed by Philip Glass
Produced by Kurt Munkacsi
Arrangements by Trevor Gureckis


Orange Mountain Music OMM0084


1. Always Neverwas 3’47”
2. Let the Letter Read You 3’12”
3. How Much I Love You 4’03”
4. The New Rule 4’22”
5. Spinning 3’34”
6. Feeding Frenzy 5’05”
7. Streets of Berlin 3’25”
8. A Sip of Wine 6’50”
9. Cabin in the Rockies 4’21”
10. Kabul 3’39”
11. Planctus 3’34”
12. The Night of Santiago 5’11”


“The first time I heard Tara Hugo sing was during a rehearsal for the BOOK OF LONGING, a Philip Glass/Leonard Cohen collaboration. I immediately knew her approach to Philip�s work was special. When singing Philip Glass music, most singers tend to use their voices like a musical instruments, concentrating solely on pitch and rhythm. When Tara sang, she conveyed the emotion and meaning of the lyric.

“When Philip asked me to work on a song project with Tara and Trevor Gureckis I got very excited. Over the years Philip has written many songs but they were often overlooked in the context of his huge body of larger works. He would spo- radically write one here, one there – usually in conjunction with a film soundtrack or a theatre project. For years I have been making note of them and waiting for the right singer to come along so we could record a song album. Tara Hugo turned out to be that special singer.”
– Kurt Munkacsi 2012

“Love and thanks to Trevor Gureckis and the amazing musicians on the recording – Megan Gould, Violin, Luke Cissell, Violin, Claudia Chopek, Violin, Karen Waltuch, Viola, Noah Hoffeld, Cello, Logan Coale, Dbl Bass, Alex Sopp, Flute, Hideaki Aomori, Clarinet, Alicia Lee, Bass Clarinet, Ashley Jackson, Harp, Freddie Stevenson, Guitar (The New Rule), Danielle Schwob, Guitar (Cabin in the Rockies), Derik Lee, Engineer/Mixer, James Yost, Assistant Engineer, Christian Rutledge, Contractor and to Kurt Munkacsi, Don Christensen, Richard Guerin, and above all, Philip Glass.

“Huge love and thanks to Hugo and Mary Lou Loewenstern. Special love and thanks to Steven Crossley and to Alan Rickman, Rima Horton, David Pearl, Joan Lader, Larry Yurman, Justin Adams, Carter Hodgkin, Dudley Reed, David Michalek, Americas Rada Network. In London: Nigel Lilley, Mark Collins, Tom Wakeley, Geoff Stanton (Brunskill Mgmt), RADA. In NY: Marilynn Scott Murphy (Professional Artists), Thom Gough (Breakdown Svs), Matthew Brookshire/Cassandra Powell (Actors Fund), Chris Loupos, Sugar Vendil, Theresa Granza (IIE), Issue Project Room, Garrison Institute, Joe’s Pub, Annie Ohayon (annieomedia). And to: Tina Quattlebaum, Dana Isaac, Kevin, David and Keith Loewenstern, Jerry Glick, Fred Glick, AJ Lorie, Levys, Parrs, Marci, Katy, Patty and all the singing women in my music playing family.”
-Tara Hugo 2012


Produced by Kurt Munkacsi
Arrangements: Trevor Gureckis
Engineer/mixer: Derik Lee

Philip Glass’ music is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers

Executive Producers:
Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi, and Don Christensen

Cover Photo: Rebecca Smeyne

Back cover photo: Cylla Von Tiedemann

Stylist: Kimberly Garret

Jewelry: Francine LeFrak+SAME SKY provides employment in Africa to HIV-positive women who create hand-blown glass bracelets