Music by Philip Glass


Orange Mountain Music OMM0029


1. Etoile Polaire
2. Victor’s Lament (From Etoile Polaire)
3. River Run (From Etoile Polaire)
4. Mon Pere, Mon Pere (From Etoile Polaire)
5. Are Years What? (For Marianne Moore)
6. Lady Day (From Etoile Polaire)
7. Ange des Oranges (From Etoile Polaire)
8. Ave (From Etoile Polaire)
9. Ik-Ook (From Etoile Polaire)
10. Montage (From Etoile Polaire)
11. Part IV (From Dressed Like an Egg)
12. Part V (From Dressed Like an Egg)
13. Part VI (From Dressed Like an Egg)
14. Mad Rush for organ


Orange Mountain Music’s new release of “Philip Glass – ANALOG” contains three seminal works in Glass’s musical history. In the late 1970’s, Philip Glass was asked by two film producers, François de Menil and Barbara Rose, to write music for a film they were producing.  The film was “Mark di Suvero, Sculptor” and it was  Glass’s first film score, predating even Koyaanisqatsi. The score took its titles from the names of di Suvero sculptures shown in the film, including Etoile Polaire (North Star) and others. Dressed like an Egg is a never before released early Glass score which was written as incidental music to a Mabou Mines Theater Company production in 1977.

The disc is rounded out with another never-before-heard recording of Glass’ Mad Rush for organ.  Mad Rush was originally used by choreographer Lucinda Childs for a dance of the same name. All the performances on Analog features original performances by Philip Glass on electric organ.

Original Release Date: October 10, 2006