Animals in Love

Directed by Laurent Charbonnier
Music by Philip Glass


Orange Mountain Music OMM0040


1 Swans take Flight (2:52)
2. The Bath (1:51)
3. The Gaze, the Scents (2:34)
4. The Battle (5:20)
5. Ballet of the Birds (3:24)
6. The Birth of the Fawn (2:39)
7. The Peacock and the Japanese Cranes (3:33)
8. The Grebe’s Race on Water (3:19)
9. The Kangaroos (1:15)
10. From Insects to Whales (3:31)
11. The Happy Couples (2:27)
12. The Orangutans and the Small Ducks (3:08)
13. From Gazelles to Kangaroos (3:02)
14. The Return of the Animals (2:07)
15. The Swans Return/ End Title (4:11)


Orange Mountain Music presents the original motion picture soundtrack to the this delightful and surprising documentary is a voyage discovery about the existence of love between animals in the wild. The film takes us to the four corners of the globe, exploring the behavior and amusing displays of love among dozens of species in the animal kingdom from the most well known to the most reclusive. ANIMALS IN LOVE is a family film set to an original score by Philip Glass. This film, with its exceptional imagery, is a whirlwind of emotions reminding us of the passion that has guided the natural world since the dawn of time.


Directed by Laurent Charbonnier
Conducted by Michael Riesman
Produced by Michael Riesman
Recorded at Legacy Studios, New York
Mixed and Mastered by Ichiho Nishiki at the Looking Glass Studios, New York
Music Production Coordinator: Christian Rutledge
Executive Music Producer: Jim Keller
Dunvagen Music Administrator: Zoe Knight
Executive producers for Orange Mountain Music: Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi and Don Christensen
Associate Director Orange Mountain Music: Richard Guerin

Philip Glass music is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers – ASCAP



Animals in Love