Music by Philip Glass
Dublin Guitar Quartet


Orange Mountain Music OOM0092


1. String Quartet No.2 Company Movement I 2:20
2. String Quartet No.2 Company Movement II 1:46
3. String Quartet No.2 Company Movement III 1:49
4. String Quartet No.2 Company Movement IV 2:16
5. String Quartet No.5 Movement I 1:12
6. String Quartet No.5 Movement II 3:01
7. String Quartet No.5 Movement III 6:11
8. String Quartet No.5 Movement IV 5:03
9. String Quartet No.5 Movement V 7:39
10. String Quartet No.4 Buczak Movement I 8:16
11. String Quartet No.4 Buczak Movement II 6:11
12. String Quartet No.4 Buczak Movement III 8:35
13. String Quartet No.3 Mishima I Award Montage 4:17
14. String Quartet No.3 Mishima II November 25 – Ichigaya 1:36
15. String Quartet No.3 Mishima III -1934 Grandmother and Kimitake 3:30
16. String Quartet No.3 Mishima IV – Bodybuilding 1:50
17. String Quartet No.3 Mishima V – Blood Oath 3:32
18. String Quartet No.3 Mishima VI – Closing 3:39


Orange Mountain Music presents the long-awaited new album by the Dublin Guitar Quartet performing the string quartets by Philip Glass on classical guitars. The quartet performed in Ireland with Glass in 2008 and later uploaded a YouTube video performing Glass’ Third String Quartet. The video was seen by Orange Mountain Music which immediately resolved to collaborate with the group. This new album is the fruit of that collaboration. The recording presents Glass quartets Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5, in arrangements by the members of the group themselves. The transcriptions are thoughtful adaptations that show unusual insight and understanding of the music.


The Dublin Guitar Quartet: Brian Bolger, Pat Brunnock, David Creevy, Tomas O�Durcain
Produced by Brian Bolger
Recorded & Mixed by Brian Bolger
Additional Mixing by David Odlum at Studio Black Box, France
Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering, California
Transcriptions by Brian Bolger & The Dublin Guitar Quartet
We would like to thank David Flynn for his work on the first version of these transriptions.

Album info:
Management: Alliance Artist Management
Design & Photography by M&E

Thanks to: Philip Glass, Don Christensen and Richard Guérin, David Middleton and Rob Robbins, David Odlum, Ann and Matthew Bolger Sr., John O’Shea, Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidstroem, Annmarie Flanagan, Maura and John Brunnock, Matthew Nolan, Gareth Averill, Piers McGrail, Eamonn Quinn, Dermot Dix & Jo-Anna Townshend at Headfort School, Music Network and the Arts Council of Ireland.