Etudes for Piano, Vol. I
Nos. 1-10
Music by Philip Glass
Philip Glass, Piano


Orange Mountain Music OMM-0009


1 Etude No. 1 3:27
2 Etude No. 2 4:55
3 Etude No. 3 4:54
4 Etude No. 4 4:39
5 Etude No. 5 5:44
6 Etude No. 6 4:55
7 Etude No. 7 5:29
8 Etude No. 8 4:52
9 Etude No. 9 3:31
10 Etude No. 10 6:21


The Etudes began for me in the mid-90s and I am still adding new music to this collection as I write these notes in 2003. Their purpose was two-fold. First, to provide new music for my solo piano concerts. And second, for me to expand mv piano technique with music that would enhance and challenge my playing. Hence, the name Etudes, or “studies”. The result is a body of work that has a broad range of dynamic, tempo and emotion. I hope to complete the second set of ten etudes, of which the first six are already composed, in the next few years.

— Philip Glass
May 2003


Music Composed by Philip Glass. Piano by Philip Glass.

Produced by Don Christensen and Martin Goldray. Executive producers Philip Glass and Kurt Munkacsi.
Engineered by Hector Castillo. Recorded at the Looking Glass Studios Fall 2002.

Cover photo by Annie Leibovitz. Inside booklet photo by Paula Court. Design by Lissi Sigillo.

Thank you to Jim Keller, Cat Celebrezze and Rachel Grundfast at Dunvagen Music Publishers, Kara Bilof and the entire Looking Glass staff. Special thanks to Baldwin Pianos and Dan Riscili.

Philip Glass’ music is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc./ASCAP. ℗ and © 2003 Orange Mountain Music.