The Fog of War
Music by Philip Glass
For the film by Errol Morris
Michael Riesman, Conductor


Orange Mountain Music OMM-0010


1. 100,000 People 2:58
2. Target Destruction 1:57
3. Revolution in the Pentagon 0:43
4. Low Evil 1:43
5. Blind Moles 3:12
6. Behind the Moon 2:27
7. November 1, 1967 2:12
8. IBM Punch Cards 2:33
9. The War to End All Wars 1:44
10. Statistical Control 2:23
11. A New Weapon 2:43
12. Damned If I Don’t 3:03
13. The Family 1:48
14. Chengtu 1:39
15. Dominoes 1:43
16. 67 Cities 3:34
17. Rolling Thunder 3:00
18. Invitation 1:57
19. Success 1:33
20. Data 2:11
21. Across the World 0:43
22. 5 Weeks 0:43
23. Norman Morrison 1:34
24. Snowing 0:58
25. Gulf of Tonkin 2:27
26. Return From Vietnam 1:10
27. Private and Public 1:27
28. Unilateralism 2:35
29. Why Are We Here? 2:25
30. Evil Grade 3:16
31. Body Count 2:25
32. The Light That Failed 2:03
33. No Second Chance 1:33
34. The Fog of War 3:31


How do you write music for a story that encompasses the 20th Century…? A story that also combines elements of caprice and destiny. And at its center a story that asks whether war is inevitable, unavoidable, part of human nature. This is my third collaboration with Philip Glass, and I cannot think of who else could have written the music. I once told Philip that he creates a feeling of existential dread better than anyone else I know of. And this is a movie filled with existential dread. I like to think of it as music for the apocalypse, where the apocoalypse is not so much the end of the world but just more of what we’ve seen before, more of the same.

— Errol Morris


Music by Philip Glass. Conducted by Michael Riesman. Produced by Kurt Munkacsi.
Executive Music Producer: Jim Keller. Music Production Coordinator: Kara Bilof. Music Production Associate: Christian Rutledge. Associate Music Producer: Cat Celebrezze.

Recording Engineer: Hector Castillo. Additional Engineering: Dan Bora. Score Preparation & Assistant to Philip Glass & Michael Riesman: Nico Muhly. Music & Technical Assistant: Ichiho Nishiki. Interns: Joe Harley, Catherine Kim, Justin Milner.
Soundtrack CD mixed by Michael Riesman. Soundtrack CD produced by Don Christensen.
Additional Music (tracks 4, 13 & 30): Composed by John Kusiak (ASCAP). Produced by John Kusiak and Andrew Willis at Kusiak Music – Arlington, MA. Published by Jebenja Music and Globe Department Store. © 2001 John Kusiak.

Philip Glass would like to extend a special thanks to Errol Morris for inviting him to participate in the creation of such a timely and important work. Special thanks to Robert and Melissa Soros, and to Michael Williams.

All Philip Glass music published by Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc. (ASCAP). 632 Broadway suite 902 New York, NY 10012.

℗ and © Orange Mountain Music 2003.



The Fog of War

The Fog of War by Errol Morris

Philip Glass Soundtracks – Michael Riesman