Galileo Galilei
Music by Philip Glass
Libretto by Mary Zimmerman with Philip Glass and Arnold Weinstein
The Portland Opera with the Portland Opera Orchestra
Conducted by Anne Manson

Release date: November 26, 2013


Orange Mountain Music OMM0091
UPC 801837009125


1. Scene 1: Opening 10:07
2. Scene 2: Recantation 9:52
3. Scene 3: Pears 8:33
4. Scene 4: Trial 9:57
5. Scene 5: Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Systems of the World 9:10
6. Scene 6: Incline Plane 7:23
7. Scene 7: A Walk in the Garden 8:11
8. Scene 8: Lamps 6:36
9. Scene 9: Presentation of the Telescope 7:11
10. Scene 10: The Opera within The Opera 13:45


Richard Troxell – Older Galileo
Lindsay Ohse – Maria Celeste / Duchess Christina
Andre Chiang – Younger Galileo / Salviati
Nicholas Nelson – Pope Urban VIII / Simplicio /Cardinal Barberini
John Holiday – Cardinal 1 / Oracle 1
Matthew Hayward – Cardinal 2 / Servant / Oracle 2
Jos� Rubio – Cardinal 3 / Priest
Anne McKee Reed – Sagredo / Marie de� Medicis / Eos
Caitlin Mathes – A Scribe / Maria Maddalena
Bix Brotherton – Galileo as a child (mute role) .


Orange Mountain Music is proud to present the world premiere recording of Philip Glass� opera Galileo Galilei featuring The Portland Opera Orchestra conducted by Anne Manson.

In 2010, the Portland Opera and Anne Manson teamed with Glass� long-time producer Michael Riesman to produce the Glass masterpiece Orph�e (OMM0068). The team reunited in 2012 during a run of performances in Portland to take on Glass� 2002 opera Galileo Galilei, with a libretto by Mary Zimmerman and Arnold Weinstein, featuring a roster of dynamic singers.

The Opera draws from letters of Galileo and his family, and various other documents, to retrospectively journey through Galileo’s life. Opening with him as an old, blind man after the trial and Inquisition for his heresy, it explores his religiosity as well as his break with the church, and expands into the greater, oscillating relationship of science to both religion and art. It reaches its end with Galileo � as a young boy � watching an opera composed by his father, Vincenzo Galilei, who was a member of the Florentine Camerata, an association of artists who are credited with creating the art form that came to be known as opera. Ironically, his father’s opera is about the motions of the celestial bodies.


Produced by Michael Riesman and Richard Guerin
Edited by Michael Riesman and Anne Manson
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Riesman
Recording Engineer: Billy Oskay at Big Red Studios
Photography: Cory Weaver/Portland Opera
Design: Lissi Sigillo

Philip Glass’ music is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers

Executive Producers:
Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi, and Don Christensen



Galileo Galilei