Glass Cuts
Philip Glass Remixed
Music by Philip Glass
Remixes by various artists


Orange Mountain Music 0023


1 Another Look at Harmony, Part IV [Robert Bell] 7:47
2 Etude No. 2 [Luciano Supervielle] 2:44
3 Saxophone Concerto [Héctor Castillo & Eduardo Larez] 4:14
4 Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [Sebastián Escofet] 6:46
5 Etude No. 1 [Androoval] 6:00
6 Houston Skyline [Kate Simko] 2:44
7 Dance from Act II, Scene 3 of Akhnaten [impLOG.] 3:31
8 Etude No. 5 [Taylor Deupree] 5:38
9 Channels and Winds [Marcos Romero] 5:05
10 Why Are We Here? [Dave Wesley] 6:08
11 Thin Blue Line [Dietrich Schoenemann] 6:35
12 Saxophone Concerto [Brian Bender] 2:58
13 Second Perception of Light, Moon, Mist and Rainbow [Woody McBride] 7:12


A year or so ago OMM started receiving some unsolicited remixes of Philip Glass works from young producer/musicians. I believe this is because in some circles Philip Glass is known as “the Godfather of Trance”. The remixes I received were exciting interpretations of Philip’s work.

We have wanted to do remixes of some of Philip’s work for many years. We were aware of the Aphex Twin work, so we knew the intricacies involved in connecting with a ‘name’ remixer and the difficulty of getting permission from Sony or Nonesuch to use recordings that had been released by them. It occurred to us that Orange Mountain Music was in an ideal position to do a remix project. We have released and made many fantastic Philip Glass recordings, and there was obvious interest from talented artists to do the remixing. I contacted the remixers and sounded them out on this idea and they sent the word out through their network of remixers around the world.

I received many recordings and from them selected a group of thirteen strong mixes for a CD’s length program. They represent a very diverse program without any one dominant style. The artists are: Androoval from Uruguay, Robert Bell from Australia, Brian Bender from the US, Héctor Castillo from Venezuela, Taylor Deupree from the US, Sebastián Escofet from Argentina, impLOG. from the US, Woody McBride-DJ ESP from the US, Marcos Romero from Uruguay, Kate Simko from the US, Dietrich Schoenemann from the US, Luciano Supervielle from Uruguay and Dave Wesley from the US.

I want to thank all these artists for their exceptional efforts and especially Marcos Romero for making initial contact and helping me sustain the effort to make it happen.

— Don Christensen
Spring 2005


Remix by Robert Bell

Another Look at Harmony, Part IV was performed by the Western Wind and Michael Riesman, released on the OMM CD, Early Voice.

Robert Bell splits much of his time between performing and producing. As a remixer, programmer and producer, He has worked on projects for Groove Armada, Eric Powell (UK), Devilfish (Sweden), Wetmusik (Australia) and many others. In 2004 he was commissioned by the film composer Burkhard Dallwitz to remix the Athens Olympic Games theme for Australian television. Robert plays drums and percussion with several groups including Lychee Martini, a five-piece funk-lounge-dub outfit, and RBBK, a techno drumming duo. He also lectures in digital audio and sound production at two universities in Melbourne, and in 2006 is continuing his PhD in the acoustics of percussion instruments.

A major turning point in Robert’s musical life was seeing Einstein on the Beach performed in Melbourne in 1992. The work left him in awe of how it stretched his perception of time. As a drummer and composer this piece fundamentally reshaped his awareness of the beauty and intricacy of repetition, and to this day he considers Philip’s music to be hugely influential.

Remix by Luciano Supervielle

Etude No. 2 was performed by Philip Glass and released by OMM on the Etudes for Piano, Vol. I, nos. 1-10 CD.

Luciano Supervielle was born in Paris and grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay. Supervielle is the youngest member of the Bajofondo Tango Club, an ensemble that has been creating some of the finest music to be found in all of South America. He plays keyboards and composes a lot of the group’s music. Mr. Supervielle dubs his unique unclassifiable style as “Uruguayan hip hop”, but he also uses elements of Astor Piazzolla – like tangos along with electronica and rock. His recent release Supervielle is sure to be as popular as the other Bajofondo Tango Club releases.

Remix by Héctor Castillo and Eduardo Larez

Concerto for Saxophone, Quartet Version is performed by the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and was released on the OMM CD, Saxophone.

Héctor Castillo is a producer, engineer, and musician based in New York City. He got his start palying bass in Venezuela, but pursued production work upon moving to US. He’s worked with a remarkable range of artists, including David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Philip Glass, and Bebel Gilberto. Currently, he’s collaborating as a sound designer in Evolution, an Off Broadway theater project, and is in pre-production with several young bands.

Since 1997 Eduardo Larez has been developing his music style and production skills in the studio. He has released records with several European electronic dance labels including SOG records-Sweden, Fabric-London, Release records-Canada, Bazooka München-Germany, and OV-Silence-Hamburg, Germany.

Remix by Sebastián Escofet

Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra was performed by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, conducted and played by Dennis Russell Davies and released on the OMM CD Dennis Russell Davies Performs Philip Glass.

Sebastián Escofet was born in La Plata, Argentina in 1968. He has four solo albums released by Asterisco Records. His music career encompasses the field of production, remixing, film and theater. In the past he has collaborated with the Kronos Quartet, Chango Spasiuk, Gustavo Santaolalla and Jorge Drexler.

Remix by Androoval

Etude No. 1 was performed by Philip Glass and released by OMM on the Etudes for Piano, Vol. I, nos. 1-10 CD.

Androoval is a Uruguayan musician, composer and producer. He is currently involved in numerous electronic projects such as Mafia Rmx, Family Doctors, Chocadores and Sexteto Electrónico Moderno Remixes. He also participated in the Bajofondo/Supervielle RMX album and remixed tracks for several local popular artists albums. Androoval regularly performs live solo sets with his music and projected animation clips.

Remix by Kate Simko

Houston Skyline was conducted by Michael Riesman for the film The Thin Blue Line and released on the OMM CD, Music from The Thin Blue Line.

Kate Simko is a classically trained pianist who expanded into jazz piano and electronic music production. Some of her projects include film scores, written and improvised compositions and live piano and electronic music shows. Combining her musical training with her love for underground electronic music, Kate is continually exploring a dialogue between the classical tradition and electronic music. Kate has released an album as Detalles with Chilean Andres Bucci (Traum) and her composition “Rhodes Relejadas” was released on Antenna International and remixed by Thomas Brinkman and released on Traum in 2004.

Remix by impLOG.

Dance from Act II, Scene 3 of Akhnaten was performed by pianist Paul Barnes and was released on OMM CD The Orphée Suite for Piano.

impLOG. is the pseudonym for no wave drummer and artist Don Christensen, whose influential work from the early 1980’s is now being re-recognized. In the last 2 decades he has produced more CDs than he can remember, scored 20 animated films, exhibited paintings in New York City art galleries. Don feels one of his outstanding achievements in life was the discovery and subsequent conservation of outsider artist Emery Blagdon’s lifeworks. He is currently the director of Philip Glass’ Orange Mountain Music label.

Remix by Taylor Deupree

Etude No. 5 was performed by Philip Glass and released by OMM on the Etudes for Piano, Vol. I, nos. 1-10 CD.

Taylor Deupree is a sound artist, graphic designer, and photographer residing in Brooklyn, New York. On January 1st, 1997, he founded 12k, a music label that focuses on digital minimalism and contemporary forms. For the past 6 years Deupree has focused his energy on 12k, solo productions under his own name, networking with a family of like-minded sound artists, and the furthering of his sound experiments, that take influences from his passion for architecture, photography, and interior design. Outside of his pursuits of sound and design, Taylor plays ice hockey.

Remix by Marcos Romero

Channels and Winds was performed by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, conducted and played by Dennis Russell Davies and released on the OMM CD Dennis Russell Davies Performs Philip Glass.

Marcos Romero alias Madcos d Psycho, started his music career at the age of seven with his first guitar that was given to him by his mother. He went on to private classes for piano and classical guitar at the National Conservatory of Music in Montevideo, Uruguay. He played his first DJ gig when he was 13 years old. By the time he was nineteen he had started producing and singing for one of the pioneer Hip Hop bands in South America, “Critical Zone”. He has collaborated with Luciano Supervielle and La TejaPride. In 1999 he emigrated to the United States and now works as a radio and club DJ, music producer, and promoter. His music could be defined as experimental with techno, minimal, hip-hop and downtempo influences.

His releases include Critical Zone EP 1995, Madcos D Psycho Muestras de Sonido 1998, Madcos VS Selector 1999, Marcos Romero Muestras de Sonido v2 2000, The Nostromo EP 2002, S.E.M. remixes 2004.

Remix by Dave Wesley

Why Are We Here? from The Fog of War sound track CD released by OMM and conducted by Michael Riesman.

Dave Wesley is an electronic music producer and live performer inspired by minimal, German, techno and underground house music. He has supported the evolution of underground multimedia, as the creator and owner/impresario of the Minneapolis nightclub and independent arts website, Sursumcorda.

Dave has upcoming releases on Woody McBride’s Communique imprint as well as on Sursumcorda Records. He has also been making waves with his DJ and Live PA sets, working with Woody McBride and Saint Vitas. Dave has been adding notebook computer and wired electric guitar moods to the “Include and Transcend Tour” across the US.

Remix by Dietrich Schoenemann

Various selections from the OMM CD, Music from The Thin Blue Line conducted by Michael Riesman.

Over the past few years Dietrich Schoenemann has established himself as one of the top techno producers/DJs in the US. Emphasizing releases on his own labels Hidden Agenda and Remains, his tracks have become staples in DJs sets, and numerous mix CDs. Dietrich’s sound ranges from deep, tribal grooves to edgy techno with productions skills polished to perfection over the past 10+ years.

Dietrich began his musical endeavours making punk and industrial dance music in the late 80s. Getting into techno in 1992, he was a founding member of Prototype 909, one of the more successful US techno bands. Other projects have included The Rancho Relaxo Allstars, two more collaborations (P909) with Taylor Deupree-Unit Park(PlasticCity) and DrumKomputer(12k) and the Facil CD with Abe Duque.

Remix by Brian Bender

Concerto for Saxophone, Quartet Version is performed by the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and was released on the OMM CD, Saxophone.

Brian Bender was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana and subsequently studied at the Indiana University School of Music for audio recording and composition. He is 23 years old and lives in East Williamsburg. Brian has been producing for 6 years and this is his first commercial release. In addition to forays into electronic media, Brian has been working in New York as a freelance engineer in studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He has recently finished his first EP length album.

Remix by Woody McBride

Second Perception of Light, Moon, Mist and Rainbow is performed by the Philip Glass Ensemble conducted by Michael Riesman and was released on the OMM CD, A Descent into the Maelström.

Woody McBride of Minnesota, aka DJ ESP has been an advocate, enthusiast and organizer of arts and music activities since his early 80’s junior high school days in artistically underrated Bismarck, North Dakota.

After moving to Minneapolis in 1988, he took his fine arts and writing background to a new level-one that includes performance art, “chemical-free” living advocacy in the art and music community, journalism, graphic design, tribal and celtic style dance, community service, coaching basketball and DJing spiritually oriented electronic dance music. He organized the exciting “Turned On 2” which proved to be the first truly outstanding “Drug-Free Rave Event” in US history, with over 7000 people in attendance.

After racking up over a million frequent flyer miles and having performed literally all over the world, DJ ESP is currently submerged in producing tracks in the post-rave era of sophisticated hybrid electronic music for the more intimate and home setting as well as the small dark techno club-where he is at his best.


Music by Philip Glass.

Remixes by Androoval, Woody McBride-DJ ESP, Robert Bell, Kate Simko, Hector Castillo, impLOG., Luciano Supervielle, Dave Wesley, Marcos Romero, Brian Bender, Taylor Deupree, Dietrich Schoenemann and Sebastián Escofet.

Philip Glass’s music is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc. (ASCAP).

℗ and © 2005 by Orange Mountain Music. 632 Broadway, Suite 902, New York, NY 10012.