In the Upper Room
Choreography by Twyla Tharp
Music by Philip Glass
Commissioned by the Twyla Tharp Foundation


Orange Mountain Music OMM0056


1. Dance I 1:11
2. Dance II 5:44
3. Dance III 2:21
4. Dance IV 7:33
5. Dance V 3:23
6. Dance VI 2:12
7. Dance VII 2:45
8. Dance VIII 4:59
9. Dance IX 8:08


In the Upper Room is a dance/theater collaboration between choreographer Twyla Tharp and composer Philip Glass. This new recording marks the first complete musical document of the 1986 ballet. The first recording of the work, released on Sony’s Philip Glass “Dance Pieces,” presented only five of the nine movements of the work.

In approaching this Orange Mountain Music release, the producers examined the original recording and it was revealed that the engineers of that record, heavily reinforced the acoustic instruments (including strings, brass, and woodwinds) with synthesized tracks. This was done presumably to artificially thicken the orchestral sound.

It was decided to make this new recording using only acoustic instruments as it was meant to be heard with the additional goal of presenting all the movements, I-XI for a complete recording of In the Upper Room.


Executive producers for Orange Mountain Music:
Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi and Don Christensen

For Orange Mountain Music: Richard Guerin

Design: Don Christensen

Philip Glass music is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers – ASCAP



In the Upper Room