In Good Company
Jon Gibson


Point Music 434 873-2


1 Jon Gibson Waltz 4:07
2 John Adams Pat’s Aria 7:47
3 Steve Reich Reed Phase 6:14
4 Terry Jennings Terry’s G Dorian Blues 5:19
5 Philip Glass Bed 6:56
6 Terry Riley Tread on the Trail 7:24
7 Jon Gibson Song 3 4:19
8 Philip Glass Gradus (for Jon Gibson) 10:57
9 Jon Gibson Extensions II 10:39


Jon Gibson (b. Los Angeles, 1940) is a composer, woodwind instrumentalist and visual artist who has been active in new music since the 1960s. He has taken part in numerous landmark musical events, performing in the early works of Steve Reich (1963-’72), Terry Riley (1964-’66), Philip Glass (1968-present), as well as performing with many other composers, including La Monte Young, Frederick Rzewski, Christian Wolff, Alvin Curran, Arthur Russell, Petr Kotik, Peter Zummo and Annea Lockwood, to a name a few.

His own music consists of a large body of solo and ensemble instrumental and vocal works that have been performed by himself and others throughout the world. His individual approach to composing and performing results in part from the influences of various western and non-western musics, jazz and improvisation styles, sounds from nature, and his long and important association with Minimalism and the post-modern aesthetic.

Along with three of his own compositions, this Point Music project includes early works composed for Gibson by Glass and Reich along with works by Riley (Gibson performed in the premiere of the Riley work), John Adams and Terry Jennings.

— Dean Suzuki


Jon Gibson: Soprano Saxophone; Soprano and Alto Saxophone on Pat’s Aria; Soprano and Baritone Saxophone on Terry’s G Dorian Blues; Percussion and Keyboards on Extensions II. Martin Goldray: Piano on Pat’s Aria and Waltz. Michael Riesman: Keyboards on Pat’s Aria, Terry’s G Dorian Blues, Tread on the Trail and Extensions II; Organ on Terry’s G Dorian Blues. Bill Ruyle: Percussion on Terry’s G Dorian Blues; Bongos on Extensions II. John Snyder: Conch Shell and Rainstick on Extensions II. La Monte Young: Digital Piano on Terry’s G Dorian Blues.

Producer: Michael Riesman for Euphorbla Productions, Ltd., NYC. Executive Producers: Philip Glass, Kurt Munkatsi, Rory Johnston. Recorded and Mixed at The Looking Glass Studios, NYC. Assitant Engineers: Dante DeSole, Angela Dryden, Scott Hollingsworth, Kevin Baird and Dan Sherman.