The Juniper Tree
An opera by Philip Glass and Robert Moran
Libretto by Arthur Yorinks
Commissioned by the American Repertory Theater, Cambridge Massachusetts


Orange Mountain Music OMM0057


1. Prologue (Glass) 17:02
2. Act One: Scene One (Moran) 12:39
3. Scene Two (Moran) 13:04
4. Scene Three (Glass) 3:34
5. Bird Song (Glass) 2:08
6. Epilogue (Moran) 3:18
7.Act Two: Scene One (Glass) 7:48
8. Interlude (Moran) 2:19
9. Scene Two (Moran) 7:13
10. Final Scene – Trio (Moran) 4:26


(In order of appearance)

THE WIFE Jayne West, soprano
THE HUSBAND Sanford Sylvan, baritone
THE SON/JUNIPER BIRD Lynn Torgove, soprano
THE STEPMOTHER Valerie Walters, mezzo-soprano
HER DAUGHTER Janet Brown, soprano
THE GOLDSMTIH David Stoneman, baritone
THE COBBLER Thomas Derrah, tenor
THE MILLER William Cotten, tenor

Conducted by Richard Pittmann


The Juniper Tree is an opera composed by Philip Glass and Robert Moran with a libretto by Arthur Yorinks, and is based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm. The opera was first produced in 1985 at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge Massachusetts.
This very grim story of death, rebirth, and love is accompanied by wonderful music. This collaboration between composers Philip Glass and Robert Moran yielded an incredibly lyrical and compelling score

“The mood is more than sustained by the two composers, whose music dovetails remarkably well. Basically, Mr. Glass handles passages full of wonder and benign magic, and Mr. Moran takes the darker, more dangerous turns in the tale. But Mr. Glass has the mother’s death, and Mr. Moran wrote the innocent celebration at the end.” –The New York Times, 1985


Executive producers for Orange Mountain Music:
Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi and Don Christensen

For Orange Mountain Music: Richard Guerin

The Juniper Tree is published by Dunvagen Music Publishers – ASCAP



Juniper Tree