Complete original soundtrack
Life out of balance (1983)
Orange Mountain Music release (2009)
Original music composed by Philip Glass


Orange Mountain Music OMM0058


Koyaanisqatsi 3:27
Organic 4:57
Clouds 4:38
Resource 6:36
Vessels 8:13
Pruitt Igoe 7:51
Pruitt Igoe Coda 1:17
Slo Mo People 3:20
The Grid – Introduction 3:24
The Grid 18:06
Microchip 1:47
Prophecies 10:34
Translations & Credits 2:11


The new release from Philip Glass’s record label Orange Mountain Music, presents for the first time, the complete original soundtrack from the classic Godfrey Reggio film KOYAANISQATSI.

The LP release of thie Glass score was released in the 1980s in a severely truncated form with only 6 tracks and 45 minutes of music. This newly re-mastered recording features 13 tracks and over 76 minutes of music including the original sound-effects and additional music used in the film. This version of Koyaanisqatsi is the most complete and representative recording of the soundtrack to this seminal film. Performed by the Philip Glass Ensemble conducted by Michael Riesman and produced by Kurt Munkacsi.

Ko.yaa.nis.qatsi (from the Hopi language), n. 1. Crazy life. 2. Life in turmoil. 3. Life disintegrating. 4. Life out of balance. 5. A state of life that calls for another way of living.

This album contains the original and most complete soundtrack of the motion picture Koyaanisqatsi… a film that, without dialogue or narrative structure, produces a unique and intense look at the super structure of modern life.

Koyaanisqatsi lets you experience the acceleration and density of modern society in a new way. It invites you to consider the benevolence of technology and the notion of progess in the world we live in. A world out of balance.


Original music composed by Philip Glass.
Produced by Kurt Munkacsi & Philip Glass.
Conductor: Michael Riesman.

Voice of “Koyaanisqatsi”: Albert de Ruiter. Chorus: The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble. Keyboards: Michael Riesman. Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet: Jack Kripl. Saxophone: Jon Gibson / Richard Peck. Saxophone, Bass Clarinet: Bob Mintzer. Piccolo, Flute: Tom Nyfenger. Trumpet: Lew Soloff / Charles Lewis / Lowell Hershey / Mark Gould / Allan Dean. French Horn: Sharon Moe / Peter Gordon / Russell Rizner / Brooks Tillotson / Albert Richmond. Trombone: Bob Smith / Keith O’Quinn. Bass Trombone: George Flynn. Trombone: James Pugh. Tuba: Warren Deck / Samuel Pilafian. Viola: Jill Jaffe / Sue Pray / Theodore Israel / Jean Dane. Cello: Seymour Barab / Beverley Lauridsen / Kermit Moore / Frederick Zlotkin. Bass: John Beal / John Bongiorno.
Remix: Kurt Munkacsi / Michael Riesman / Greene St. Recording studio, NY, NY.

Special thanks: Harold Orenstein / Lloyd Trufelman.
© 1983 Original sound recording made by Institute of Regional Education.
© 2009 Expanded Edition – Orange Mountain Music

Executive Producers for Orange Mountain Music: Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi and Don Christensen

Associate Director Orange Mountain Music: Richard Guérin

All music published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc. New York (ASCAP)



Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
Koyaanisqatsi (1983)