Notes on a Scandal
Music Composed by Philip Glass


Rounder CDROUN9074


1. First Day of School 2:45
2. The History 2:56
3. Invitation 1:31
4. The Harts 02:15
5. Discovery 02:54
6. Confession 01:47
7. Stalking 01:52
8. Courage 1:44
9. Sheba & Steven 01:20
10. The Promise 2:53
11. Good Girl 2:40
12. Sheba’s Longing 2:40
13. Someone In Your Garden 01:51
14. A Life Lived Together 03:02
15. Someone Has Died 01:59
16. Betrayal 03:38
17. It’s Your Choice 02:37
18. Barbara’s House 03:57
19. Going Home 2:13
20. I Knew Her 03:22


Philip Glass is inarguably one of the most distinctive and influential composers of the modern era. In addition to his ground-breaking concert hall works and operas, his film scores, such as The Hours, Kundun, and The Thin Blue Line, have won acclaim and popularity through their combination of Western classical music, synthesized sounds, and non-Western influences. His emotive score for Notes on a Scandal is an integral part of the dramatic arc of the film.

Notes on a Scandal is a story of loneliness, loyalty, envy and love. Directed by Richard Eyre, the film follows a free-spirited and charismatic art teacher Sheba Hart (played by Cate Blanchett), who is brought down by scandal when she is arrested for engaging in sexual relations with a 15-year-old student. Academy Award winner Judi Dench plays a fellow teacher, Barbara Covett who befriends the younger woman and observes her fall from grace. “The score essentially is about Barbara,” Glass states. “It begins with Barbara and it ends with Barbara.”

Released 01/09/2007