Theater Music Vol. 1


Orange Mountain Music OMM0044


1. The Sound of a Voice – Suite 19:27
2. In the Summer House 1:29
3. “My One and Only Hope…” 1:32
4. Gertrude’s Paradise 2:18
5. Mr. Solares’ Picnic Lunch 2:58
6. “Molly Is a Dreamer.” 1:04
7. Enter Vivian 1:05
8. The Beach/Lionel and Molly 0:49
9. Vivian’s Death/Two Marriages 0:37
10. “Life Is Tragic, Mrs. Constable.” 2:12
11. Gertrude Leaves the Summer House 2:40
12. Left Alone… 1:33
13. The Lobster Bowl 1:07
14. Back to Sad Things 0:55
15. Gertrude Returns 1:06
16. “I Knew You’d Come Back.” 1:29
17. A Choice 2:39
18. Lionel Departs 2:07
19. “When I Was a Little Girl…” 6:31


Theater Music Vol. 1 represents the first release in a series of 10 discs to be released on Orange Mountain Music from the vast archive of recordings made in the last 40 years of Philip Glass’ incredible recording career. These recordings span the entire range of Philip Glass’ compositional activities and will include music for film, theater, dance, and concert hall in a wide variety of scores including chamber music, solo instruments and orchestral works.

Theater Music Volume 1 features two ravishingly beautiful works from the world of theater: the instrumental suite from Glass’ 2003 chamber opera The Sound of a Voice features Eastern and Western instruments in one of Glass most creative scores.

In the Summer House is the original music composed for the Jane Bowles’ 1953 play. This release contains an incredibly rare chance to hear premiere recordings of works by one of the most successful composer of our times in the most intimate context.

Orange Mountain Music seeks to bring many of these works to the public for the first time in the continuing effort to expand and document the Philip Glass recording legacy.