The Thin Blue Line
Music by Philip Glass
For the film by Errol Morris
Michael Riesman, conductor


Nonesuch 79209-2


1. Opening Credits 1:31
2. Prologue 4:43
3. Interrogation, Part One 2:09
4. Interrogation, Part Two 0:37
5. Turko, Part One 2:38
6. Turko, Part Two 2:04
7. Vidor 1:50
8. Harris’ Story 1:32
9. Adams’ Story 1:48
10. Comets & Vegas 1:36
11. The Defense Attorneys, Part One 2:08
12. Harris’ Crimes, Part One 1:42
13. The Judge 0:43
14. The Trial, Part One 2:38
15. The Trial, Part Two 3:25
16. The Mystery Eyewitness, Part One 3:01
17. The Mystery Eyewitness, Part Two 4:25
18. Elba Carr 0:45
19. The Mystery Eyewitness, Part Three 2:46
20. The Thin Blue Line 1:04
21. Dr. Death 4:42
22. The Electric Chair 2:54
23. The Defense Attorneys, Part Two 0:59
24. Harris’ Testimony 2:04
25. The Mystery Eyewitness, Part Four 1:51
26. The Mystery Eyewitness, Part Five 1:07
27. Harris’ Crimes, Part Two 1:34
28. Hell On Earth 1:44
29. Harris’ Childhood 2:37
30. The Confession 2:51
31. End Credits 3:58


Music from the film, with some dialogs.


Original music composed by Philip Glass. Music produced by Kurt Munkacsi. Conductor: Michael Riesman.

Trumpet: Wilmer Wise, Steve Burns. French horn: Sharon Moe, Tony Miranda, Ron Sell. Flute: Michael Parloff, Judith Mendenhall. Violin: Sergiu Schwartz, Tim Baker. Viola: KarIBargen. Cello: Chris Finckel. Double bass: Barbara Wilson. Keyboards: Michael Riesman. Percussion: Gordon Gottleib. Guitar: Brian Koonin.

Soundtrack produced by Kurt Munkacsi for Euphorbia Productions, Ltd. Production supervisor: Rory Johnston. Recording engineer/music, dialogue editor: Miles Green. Assistant engineer: Blaise Dupuy. Music recorded and mixed at the Living Room, New York City. Sound post-production: Russian Hill Recording, San Francisco. Re-recording mixers: Jack Leahy, Samuel Lehmer. Re-Recording Consultant: Randy Thom. Sound Effects Editor: Samuel Lehmer. Additional Sound Effects: Leslie Shatz. Dialogue Editors: Jamie Kibban, James Allen. Sound Assistants: Larry Oppenheimer, Marnie Moore, Sheila McFarland. Additional Re-recording: Mel Zelniker. Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig, Masterdisk, New York City. Executive producer: Robert Hurwitz.

Cover Design: Janet Perr. Cover Photography: Mark Lipson.

Music published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc. (ASCAP). © 1989 Nonesuch Records.



The Thin Blue Line

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