The Music of Undertow
Music composed by Philip Glass
Michael Riesman, conductor


Orange Mountain Music 0016


1. The Kiss 2:49
2. Car Ride 1:24
3. The Chase 3:03
4. The Family 3:45
5. Chris & the Model Airplane 4:49
6. The Argument 4:14
7. Deel’s Song 4:17
8. Golden Coins 2:41
9. Running Away 3:53
10. Through the Woods 3:22
11. Backwoods Couple 1:14
12. Shipyard 1:56
13. Junkyard 3:31
14. Abandoned Factory 1:42
15. The Ending 2:55


Undertow, set in an American South untouched by time, is a uniquely American dramatic thriller from director David Gordon Green starring Jamie Bell, Josh Lucas, Dermot Mulroney, and newcomer Devon Alan. A tale of violent legacies between two generations of brothers, Undertow depicts what happens when a hardworking father raising two sons without their mother is paid an unexpected visit by his older ex-convict brother who is looking to settle an old score.

With a screenplay by Joe Conway and David Gordon Green, story by Lingard Gervey, produced by Lisa Muskat, Terrence Malick and Edward R. Pressman, and distributed by United Artists, Undertow is a production of ContentFilm’s John Schmidt and Alessandro Camon who serve as executive producers.

Producer Edward R. Pressman had for some time been trying to get Philip Glass to score one of his films and approached him with the script. After reading it, Glass visited the set in the swamps of Georgia, enduring biting sand gnats and the heat of the South to get a feel for the film. After production wrapped, the composer and director quickly got down to business.

The score, combining a crystalline string orchestration, the purity of the children’s voices and the grittiness of the didgeridoo, creates the right mix of mystery, sensitivity and grunge that the film required. With its tonal complexity and intensity, Glass’ score is as integral to the suspense-driven narrative as the expert character portrayal and masterful cinematic direction contained within the film.


Score preparations: Dan Bora. Didgeridoo: Adam Placl. Brookly Youth Chorus: Dianne Berkun, Artistic Director.

Mixed by Michael Riesman. Mix engineer: Ichiho Nishiki. Assistant engineers: John Stanka, Nicolas Mindreau, Sam Crawford, Patrick Gannon. Intern: Alex Tovar.

Music recorded at The Looking Glass Studios, New York, NY. Studio manger and music production coordinator: Kara Bilof. Music production recource management: Christian Rutledge. Music publishing administration: Cat Celebrezze.

Executive Producers: Kurt Munkacsi and Jim Keller.
All Philip Glass music published by Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc. (ASCAP) © and (p) 2004 Orange Mountain Music, Inc.



The Music of Undertow

Undertow by David Gordon Green