The Witches of Venice
Music by Philip Glass


Orange Mountain Music OMM0031


1. The Lagoon
2. The Philosophers Have Arrived
3. No Solution
4. The Fairies
5. “Life Is Hard”
6. “I’m Not a Fool”
7. The Plant Boy’s Song
8. The Witches Rush In
9. The Wind Blows
10. The Witches Palace
11. Inside the Palace
12. Ghosts and Skeletons!
13. The Ogre
14. Ogre’s Song
15. Plant-Boy Flees
16. Dance of the Witches
17. Witch Mother
18. Gondolas Bringing Guests
19. “Away Pigeon, Away”
20. Plant-Boy’s Tears
21. In the Chandelier
22. Glorious Escape!
23. A Happy Ending
24. Life Is Hard, A Good Red Wine


Fantasy, adventure, magic, monsters, fairies, witches, kings and queens are all part of the world created by Caldecott Medal winning Beni Montresor and acclaimed composer Philip Glass in this children’s opera-ballet that was originally created for the world’s most famous opera house, Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. The piece was based on Montresor’s children’s book, The Witches of Venice.

Glass’s most famous works are often large scale and very serious in nature. His works for the stage, screen and opera house such as Einstein on the Beach, Symphony No. 6 “Plutonian Ode” and his famous Koyaanisqatsi all fit that description.

So how does this composer treat this children’s story based in the historical Venice of Carnival and magical world of witches? Glass responds with one of his most creative scores featuring scenes that recall operatic tradition of The Marriage of Figaro, inventive songs, fantastical music portraying monsters and fairies, and savvy scoring which carries this whimsical story along.

This story of a little boy who is looking for a little girl like him, soon finds himself escaping captors, wandering dark hallways, fleeing monsters, and ultimately finding a friend.

The Witches of Venice is a touching and charming story of adventure and friendship.

The packaging of this release is a hard cover children’s book with 20 illustrations by Beni Montresor on 40 pages of heavy paper stock. The song lyrics with their Italian translations and the story are marked in the text of the book with the coresponding track numbers so the listener can easily follow the music and look at the book simultaneously for a very enjoyable, educational and entertaining experience.

Original release date November 7, 2006 on Orange Mountain Music.



Witches of Venice