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Coming Nov. 25th Music from THE CRUCIBLE

4PAN1T.qxpPre-Order Now: Glass’s new music written for the hit Broadway production of THE CRUCIBLE (2016) scored for violin (Miranda Cuckson) and cello (Jeffrey Zeigler) at iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon on November 25th.

2 thoughts on “Coming Nov. 25th Music from THE CRUCIBLE”

  1. Will there ever be a release of The Fall of the House of Usher? I sure hope so, it’s my favorite Philip Glass composition that hasn’t been released so far.

    1. Of the handful of Glass operas which haven’t been released yet (White Raven, Sound of a Voice, Making of the Representative…, Marriages between Zones…, Appomattox, and The Trial), The Fall of the House of Usher is a glaring omission in the Glass discography. In 2009, a Poe celebratory year, there were (I believe) nine different productions of the opera including five different productions in five separate countries in the same month. However, there have been few productions since then for OMM to pursue making a commercial recording. The goal of OMM is to record the entirety of the Glass catalogue so it’s a matter of time until the right production and opportunity comes along. (RG)

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