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2011 kicks off: Glassworks

A second life for Glassworks as a concert piece recommences in January with a performance this week in Baltimore.  The Baltimore Syphony will be playing the 2010 Glass work "ICARUS: At the Edge of Time", check out their website for video and background.

And as a part of a new partnership with the BSO, Mobtown Modern produces its first concert Synchronicity including GLASSWORKS and includes a pre-concert discussion of Glass’s seminal work with Mobtown Modern Curator Brian Sacawa and BSO Music Director Marin Alsop.

This performance of GLASSWORKS comes right before the OMM release of GLASSWORKS – SIGNAL – LIVE AT (le) POISSON ROUGE.  This recording comes from the NY premiere of Glassworks last April. It's absolutely stunning that Glassworks had never been done in NY, but it makes sense because the piece was a studio "concept" album designed to the PGE never fully emrbaced the complete piece into its repertory.

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