glass notes
American Composers Orchestra


HEAR! Hear!  It's time again for the American Composers Orchestra's fundraiser.  For those of you unfamiliar, the ACO is a New York Institution. Since its creation in 1977, the orchestra, largely under the former music director Dennis Russell Davies, has been a tremendous advocate for Philip Glass and his music.
So much so that Glass is a long-time member of the orchestra's Board of Directors.  The orchestra is responsible for monster commissions like the Violin Concerto (the first Glass concert piece) and Symphony No.6 "Plutonian Ode".
This auction is a great help to the orchestra as it seeks to commission and perform new composers. Philip Glass donated signed Glass Boxes as a benefit for ACO supporters who give at the $5,000 level. Additionally these donors receive 4 tickets to our NYC or Philadelphia concerts, invitations to a luncheon with our artistic leaders and to meet-the-artist dinners, work-in-progress events, rehearsals and receptions along with our 2009 featured CDs (John Zorn's "Aporias," Ingram Marshall's "Kingdom Come" and Robert Beaser's "Seven Deadly Sins").. I hope you'll all take a look, keeping in mind that you could be helping new music come to life.

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