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Australia goes Nuclear…

At the end of next week, the 27th and 28th, Dennis Russell Davies is making the Australian premiere of Glass' Symphony No.6 "Plutonian Ode" with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and soprano Karen Robertson.  This is part of what I think is a brilliant program of Beethoven's The Ruins of Athens Overture and Turkish March and Schubert's third symphony. 

I'm sure sometime I'll take the time to write extensively about this symphony but for now it suffices to say simply that I think it one of the composer's best works.  Like many other pieces in the catalog, it was mostly forgotten for a long time. I attended when DRD premiered the work at Carnegie Hall at the beginning of 2002, and then later that season with his orchestra and co-commissioner with Carnegie, the Bruckner Orchester Linz. However, the piece went dormant for a while. I recall perhaps one or two performance in Europe, until the end of 2005 when Davies's revived the work pairing it with the world premiere of Symphony No.8.

I'm very happy to see it done again, especially in Australia, and with a new soprano as I think this work would appeal to many great singers.

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  1. Right on, Richard.
    Plutonium Ode is one of my very favourite pieces and was probably the one that completely committed me to the Glass oeuvre.
    Keep it up.

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