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Phew…first thing's first. Here is a proper announcement of "PHILIP GLASS – LIVE IN SOHO" which was release on iTunes exclusively (they produced it, so they get it).  Please go on and review it honestly. I've had an on-going feud with this guy on iTunes, code-name Boolez which gives you an idea of what he thinks is good music.  Anyway, this loser reviews every record by listening to the sound clips and almost without fail, he trashes Glass.  The funny part about this is that he thinks that I am Philip Glass.  As we can seen in this video,  Philip Glass and I are two very different people.  In case you were wondering, I made my recording debut with the introductions at this live concert:

So much has happened this week and the lack of internet to communicate it to the outside world has been incredible frustrating!  Last night I attended the premiere of ICARUS: At the Edge of Time.  It's a new 38 minute score by Philip Glass set to film with narrator.  More later on the piece, but the evening went very well.  The MC'ing was done by Alan Alda who was sitting two seats down from my wife and I, performers like Yo-Yo Ma were sitting in front of us. John Lithgow was the narrator.  The biggest thrill though was that this whole thing was in honor of Stephen Hawking who was also there.  It was a special night and was great fun.


Finally (for now), Wendy Sutter is profiled in today's Wall Street Journal called "A Muse and Music Star all in One" in which she talks about her work with Philip Glass and her concert this Saturday at New York's City Winery.  Again, highly recommended to those who can make it.

A Muse and Music Star in One

Phew. Now I'm off for vacation tomorrow for a week in the deep woods, so I have to squeeze three days of work into the next couple hours.

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