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6 thoughts on “The Big Screen; Second Chance”

  1. What an amazing experience this was. Satyagraha was the music that hooked me on Glass, and getting to see it sung, live no less, was thrilling.
    I had heard so much about the puppets, yet to me they weren’t the best thing about the production. There were many other subtleties that added so much depth and really made sense as a narrative.
    I wonder what reactions others have had.
    Come on, you know you where there….

  2. I seem to remember back when Glass was with Nonesuch Records there was talk of doing a new recording of Satyagraha, but it did not happen. The Met Live in HD broadcast was spectacular, especially the camera work. Wish the sound level was louder. I read that over $1 million in tickets were sold nationwide. Can’t wait for December 7th to experience it again! Kim Josephson as Mr. Kallenbach was awesome. So awesome and mind-boggling to see a Glass opera in the local theater! I bought the original CD set of Satyagraha way back in 1986 and never imagined we would be seeing it in a movie theater in 2011.

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