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Brooklyn Rider/ Kepler and Glassworks reviews

Brooklyn Rider stuffed the lower-east side bar NuBlu last night for the early set (starting around quarter to ten) and performed three Glass quartets, Nos.4, 2, and 3.  People seemed to love it.  Here is a poorly recorded snippet, movement 2 of company with that 2 plus 3 going up the scale thing that I love. 

Violinist Johnny Gandelsman made mention that that it was in this type of environment that Glass' music got its start. While maybe it's not a "coming home" for the music since it never left, I was still left to marvel at how Glass' music really does work in this setting. I've been to lots of concerts of this sort in New York where classical music/new music is played in a bar or a club, but most of the time other music really does not work.  I can't really figure out why this is.

And there are two new reviews:

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