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Brooklyn Rider plays Philip Glass


A new OMM recording featuring the New York based string quartet Brooklyn Rider playing all of the numbered Philip Glass string quartets AND the world premiere recording of the Suite from BENT for String Quartet. Bent was a movie from the late-90s starring Clive Owen, Mick Jagger, and Ian McKellen.  Like Mishima Glass composed a large section of the score for string quartet.

The film's soundtrack was never released despite the venerable Emerson String Quartet recording the quartet sections of the score, and the existence of a song composed by Glass and performed in the film by Jagger called "Streets of Berlin."  So it's refreshing to finally hear this music. Official Amazon and iTunes release on March 1.  You can preview the recording at iTunes.

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  1. In June 2008 it was announced in Glass Notes that Brooklyn Rider had indeed recorded Quartet No. 6, along with the others, for future release.
    We’re sure there is a completed quartet No. 6 ?

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