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California Bound

Segerstrom Concert Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts Center which Philip Glass's Passion of Ramakrishna will be performed this week.

My best wishes go to Brooklyn Rider who performs tonight at Lincoln Center. I won't be able to be at the world premiere of Suite from Bent for String Quartet (which is a pretty cool piece) as I'm heading off to sunny California for the performances of Passion of Ramakrishna, which is a large-scale very cool piece. 

There's much chatter about this Philip Glass Festival which includes live opera, oratorio, concerto, film screenings, discussions with and without Philip Glass and more.  For newcomers, the LA Times Mark Swed put together this short introduction to the world of Philip Glass for people.

There's more coverage on the goings on including this somewhat odd piece called Back to the future: Akhnaten and Nefertiti meet the Obamas.

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