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California Report

A glimpse inside the Hollywood Bowl and the first performance of Powaqqatsi with Orchestra. 

That was Tuesday night.  7,500 people attended the concert which I believe was more than what Koyaanisqatsi drew two years ago.  It's really a thrill to hear these scores heard with full orchestra. Instead of the PGE only redition of the Star Spangled Banner, the audience was treated to the 90 voice strong Los Angeles Children's Choir.

Glass headed up the coast to continue with his inaugural festival.  Wednesday night was Poetry Night at the Henry Miller Library as part of the Days & Nights Festival.  Four poets chosen by Glass read their work, and were either accompanied by Glass on piano or by the string quartet (performing Bent) from the YOA Orchestra of the Americas. The evening wrapped with the whole audience, poets and all chanting Allen Ginsberg's obstreperous "Footnote to Howl."

Ticket Line for Dracula

Ticket Line for Dracula at the Henry Miller Library

Dracula in Big Sur
The Philip Glass Ensemble performs Dracula

Thursday night, again in conjunction with the festival, presented more popular fare with a screening of Dracula live with Glass' score in a rare performance of the version for the Philip Glass Ensemble and not the usual string quartet plus keyboards which was the touring arrangement for the Kronos Quartet with Glass.

The LA Times review of Powaqqatsi by Mark Swed was nothing short of a rave.  Here is a great review of the closing concerts of the Days & Nights Festival in the Contra Costa Times, and another thoughtful review of Poetry Night in Monterey County Weekly.

First year of the festival in the bag, and preparing for an extensive South American tour, Glass is currently up to his old mischievous ways back here in New York over the next couple nights.

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