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Cassandra’s Dream (Woody Allen film)

Contest is running a contest to win autographed copies of the Philip Glass score to Woody Allen’s newest film which is due out Jan. 4 (distributed by the Weinstein Co.).  The release date in in stores is announced as Jan. 9, but you can pre-order at Amazon for Dec. 25 (the iTunes release date as well)

Also, those in Nashville and Chicago will be treated to radio broadcast of Glass’ "Passion of Ramakrishna" from the Nashville Symphony’s performance last February.  Nashville Symphony performed the work, which they co-commissioned along with the Pacific Symphony, as part of the inaugural season at their new Schermerhorn Symphony Center.(Thanks to Marv for contributing this)

4 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Dream (Woody Allen film)”

  1. First of all, I believe anyone with internet can hear this broadcast through the radio station website.
    Second, I can’t emphasize enough how important I believe this work to be. Thanks to varied NPR member station broadcast schedules, I was able to hear the Los Angeles concert about a dozen times through streaming audio. In my opinion, this work is the greatest piece PG has written and may be the greatest piece ever written in occidental style. Don’t miss it!!!

  2. Isn’t placing Allen and Glass together in the same room monitored by some regulatory agency?
    I mean, two geniuses like that together may precipitate a chain reaction or something; an uncontrollably huge explosion of wit and musical flights of fancy that can probably be measured in mega tonnage.
    I only wish I were there, at ground zero, to witness the event.

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