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CD Recommendation – John Kramer “Orange Earth/Blue Ether”

John Kramer is a fine pianist and a friend. He recently performed on the organ at my marriage.  A few years ago, I commissioned a piece for my then girlfriend, now wife from him.  He has just released his debut recording which includes the pieces which I commissioned. I thoroughly enjoy this music and recommend it to anyone.
Kramer is important for many reasons, but probably the most relevant to Glass Notes readers because many moons ago, after finishing his formal studies, he took a job at a small community college in Massachusetts to teach "Music Appreciation 1827-Present."  He is an engaging professor who jumped on the upright to demonstrate all sorts of wonder about the structure of music.  It was during this class that I was introduced to the music of Philip Glass.
It was a wonderful class and he made a lasting impression. I later took piano lessons with Kramer on Saturday mornings. I was a bartender at the time and worked on Friday nights. He was also very tolerant of the musically ungifted who show up hungover and unpracticed for that week's lesson. I cleverly always figured out a way to play as little as possible and simply talk about music.

Anyway, for any adventurous souls out there, give his first CD a chance.

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