glass notes
Closing in Italy, TIROL, Rascher, Mishima Qt., many more!

GlasssutterwebjpgPlease look at all of these if you have a chance. The documentary excerpts are particularly interesting to those who haven’t seen them.

A video of Wendy Sutter and Philip Glass performing "Closing" this last summer in Italy. Thanks to Mark Walther for submitting it.

Also, There are new videos of:
a selection from a rehearsal of the Tirol Concerto which is very cool (gives you some idea of what a great pianist Dennis Russell Davies is when he’s not conducting (I had the pleasure of being at this concert in 2001?) what a great piece (video from The Looking Glass documentary),
The Rascher Quartet playing the Saxophone Qt. Concerto, a
and the Fritz Quartet playing the Mishima Quartet.

and PG discussing Symphony No. 3 from the "Sounds like Philip Glass" documentary, as well as PG talking music from the "Four American Composers" documentary.

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