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“Dance” at Bard

Reviews of Lucinda Childs, Sol LeWitt and Philip Glass' "DANCE" which has been revived this year. It will also be performed in Chicago. This is not with live music as it is synched to the original LeWitt film which has been restored.

The NY Times Review
The Albany Times Union

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  1. I attended the performance at Bard on Saturday the 14th. After years of guessing at what the original 1979 staging must’ve looked like, based on liner notes and other written accounts, it was amazing to finally see precisely how Glass, Lewitt, and Childs’ contributions fit together. A couple of notes: the Bard performance was a presentation of three of the five movements: Dance 1 and Dance 3 were accompanied by what sounded like the same versions on the recording. What was presented as “Dance 2” at Bard was in fact “Dance 4”, and the recording that was used was the archival one heard on the OMM release New Music, New York 1979. That version of course is shorter than most of the later recordings, was performed on an electric (Farfisa?) organ , and includes some modulations, (including one extremely dissonant chord) that were later seemingly excised from the score.

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