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1 thought on “DANCE in London; “Harmony” in Los Angeles”

  1. Don’t mean to get off topic but I have just seen the trailers for the upcoming Reggio/Glass collaboration “The Holy See”. I am guessing this will be addressed on the site at some point soon.
    In the mean time… mesmerizing stuff. Reggio is really one of the great underrated directors out there. It’s interesting to note that the music is used in the trailers is the “unused” (???) music from Naqoyqatsi (as heard on the Songs & Poems CD ‘Tissues’ portion ). I always wondered about this music and it was interesting to hear one of the parts played with more instruments in the second trailer. I’d be very excited if Glass wrote more for this, which I am guessing he did.
    And I remember seeing an official website for what was supposed to be his and Reggio’s next collaboration (I think it was to be called “Divine Comedy”). Kind of makes me wonder if this is the same project or something else entirely.
    In any case, exiciting stuff. Here’s the link to the trailers:

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