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Dennis Russell Davies & Maki Namekawa, This Sunday at the Morgan Library


Perhaps no person is closer to Philip Glass' music-making, particularly his concert music and his operas than conductor Dennis Russell Davies.  This weekend, for those in New York, you have a chance to hear the Maestro in concert at the Morgan Library with his long-time collaborator Maki Namekawa, on a program which includes a world premiere.

As with most old-school conductors, Davies is also a pianist of considerable abilities and has for the better part of the last decade performed as both a soloist (with and without orchestra) and as a duo with pianist Namekawa.  Back in the early 1990s, Davies commissioned the original "six" piano ├ętudes.  Years later he would commission the Tirol Concerto for piano and strings, a piece which he could conduct from the keyboard, and perform music from Les Enfants Terribles in a two-piano reduction.

Performances as a pianist by Glass' close colleague are a rare thing in this country.  So this Sunday's recital at the Morgan is a special treat.  The last time the duo performed in New York was to a sold out auditorium at Lincoln Center in the US Premiere of "Four Movements for Two Pianos."  This weekend features a world premiere of a short piece for 'piano four hands' titled STOKES.

From the composer:

Stokes – for Piano Four Hands, (2012)

"Stokes Howell – writer and farmer, has been a lifetime friend of mine.  His interest in music, dance, poetry, and theater has brought him very close to my work on many occasions.  So this short work is a tribute to him and his love of everything new and lively in the world of the arts."  -Philip Glass

Glass at 75: Piano Works
Maki Namekawa & Dennis Russell Davies
On the occasion of Philip Glass's 75th birthday and Debussy's 150th,
this concert features works for two pianos and piano four hands,
performed by Maki Namekawa and frequent Glass collaborator Dennis
Russell Davies. The program includes a world premiere of a Glass work
and Stravinsky's magnificent "Le sacre du printemps." This concert
coincides with the exhibition Robert Wilson/Philip Glass: Einstein on the Beach.

Debussy, "En blanc et noir," for two pianos
Stravinsky, "Le sacre du printemps," for piano four hands, arranged by Stravinsky
Glass, "Stokes," for piano four hands (world premiere)
Glass, Four Movements for Two Pianos
Sunday, October 21, 2012, 3 p.m.

Tickets: $45; $35 for Members


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