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Eh ben, Glass en France

After his recent trip to St.Etienne (JAN 17-20) Philip Glass gave an interview (in French) as well as participating in a round table, un Table ronde avec Philip Glass, Woodkid, Joel Shapiro, Peter Halley and Bea Camacho, Saturday 18 January 2014, at the Opéra Théâtre de Saint-Étienne where Glass' "La Belle et la Bete" was presented.

Considering Glass' time in France with Boulanger was now almost 50 years ago, I find his French pas mal.  However, it must be said that in both English and in French, the 77 year old composer is marmonneur, a mumbler.  His fashion of speaking in general features Glass' jumping from one thought to the next without totally finishing the last. 

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