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Einstein Hits the West Coast; “Stoker” to include original piece by Glass; Tara Hugo website launched

"Einstein on the Beach" made its long overdue West Coast premiere this last week.  Here are some of the reviews:

LA Times (Mark Swed):  In "Einstein," Everything is Grandly Relative

SF Chronicle (Joshua Kosman): "Einstein on the Beach Review: Magical"

SF Chronicle (Allan Ulrich): "Einstein Choreography Brilliance"

SJ Mercury News (Richard Scheinin): Glass' and Wilson's Wondrous, Exhausting Einstein

Examiner: Wilson's Epic Receives Premiere


There's also news that Philip Glass will contribute "an original piece" to Park Chan-wook's feature film "Stoker."  Earlier reports had Glass being the composer of record for the whole film. But those duties seem to have passed to Clint Mansell.


And singer Tara Hugo, whose new release of the Philip Glass Songbook, "Tara Hugo Sings Philip Glass," out in November, has launched a new website.

4 thoughts on “Einstein Hits the West Coast; “Stoker” to include original piece by Glass; Tara Hugo website launched”

  1. I finally got my copy of the 1984 recording of Einstein from iTunes.
    I had to travel to the USA (iTunes blocked my IP, since it’s not in the USA), and then go to Best Buy and buy a gift card (iTunes blocked my international credit card, since the bank account is not located in the USA) and only then I could download the album.
    Well, it’s certainly the best recording of the work !!!
    But please, next time, please release the music for international users.

  2. Allan, that’s an impressive and inspiring display of dedication. I wish the process of purchasing was an easier one for you.
    I wonder if the bottleneck here was actually ITunes and their policies and not OMM.

  3. Maxim, I don’t think it’s got anything to do with OMM, since the iTunes blocks occur before I choose any music. I also can’t buy music by Justin Bieber on iTunes…
    In I can buy any physical CD I want to, so it’s not a copyright issue.
    I really don’t know the reason, and because most of the music is released on standard CD’s, it’s just a nuisance usually. Oh well, at least I’m happy now 🙂

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