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Einstein in the Outback

This Friday Philip Glass will perform with Tim Fain at the Arts Centre Melbourne.  This concert of chamber music is a prelude to the following week's run of four performances of Einstein on the Beach at Melbourne's State Theater.  Melbourne is the 11th of 13 (so far) cities which 'Einstein' has visited including on this two year tour:

Ann Arbor, Michigan (previews)

Montpellier, France

Reggio Emilia, Italy

London, England

Toronto, Canada

Brooklyn, New York

Berekeley, California

Mexico City, Mexico

Amsterdam, Holland

Hong Kong, China

Melbourne, Australia (July-Aug 2013)

Los Angeles, California (October)

Paris, France (January 2014)

 Robert Wilson was recently interviewed by the Brisbane Times about Einstein on the Beach.

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  1. Einstein has been touring internationally, and i’m glad I went to see a performance in London last May.
    I hope it gets performed somewhere else in the UK soon!

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